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How White Glove Marketing Makes You Sales With Paid Search?

How to make sales with paid search, specifically Google Ads is now more than ever within reach with highly targeted and customized ads that can pinpoint your desired audience. Your business can engage each user and follow them through each stage of the buying cycle increasing your odds of conversion. Our Paid Search User Profile Strategy uses the end to end paid search sales funnel. This strategy keeps your investment low and your sales funnel full of opportunity. To learn more on how you can make sales with paid search, contact White Glove Marketing today!

Below is a high level overview of our White Glove Strategy:

  • Buy low cost but targeted traffic based off user profile.
  • Feed the sales funnel with user profiles that are the same as your high converting audience types.
  • Use Custom Intent Audience targeting. Create an audience of people who are actively researching products and services
  • Create ads & drive traffic to content on site the user profile would find attractive
  • Retarget users who performed a desired action and create similar audiences
  • Adjust bids and create ads that are unique to the user profile and the desired action taken
  • Visitor returns and converts
  • Focus investment on users that are more likely to convert. Correct user profile and performed desired action.
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